Street 360, Portsmouth NH

Street 360 is literally off the beaten path in Portsmouth NH and earns this distinction with electic pop art on the walls and old bicycle rims fashioned in to a hanging chandelier.   Serving food as eclectic as the atmosphere , it embodies the delight of street food from over the world.

Our Selections

T-Dogerosa: Street 360 rocks. I’ve said that after each of my approximately 100 visits there. I’m opinionated and pompous when it comes to ethnic food and in my own sloberingly conceited opinion I know more than the average Portsmouthite (Portsmoutharian?) on this subject. Street does not have the best Bibimbap or the best Yucca fries, or the best Pho that I’ve ever had, but across wide eclectic international cuisines it produces very good versions with some clever fusions to boot. While Sunday brunch normally means Bibimpap or Asian Experience for me this time I went with the Beach Bod Omelette. Delicious, particularly when paired with pulled pork and avacado slices. I could ramble on but I wont. Street rocks, got it? Rating: the highest, 4 paws.

Petite Filet: I will tell you in advance that I’m with T-Dogerosa on 4 paws for Street. My palette and opinions are nowhere near as enlightened when it comes to ethnic food, but I do know how to recognize a good thing when I see (or in this case eat) it. The mystery mix is a bowl full of leftovers of mom’s love, especially when you add some tasty sausage to it. Recently the chef has added a moat of sesame oil that I can live without. My other go -to dish is the Beef Bibimbap. Remember the bottom of the Luigi’s Lemon Italian Ice cup when you were a kid, and flipping the contents over revealed a lemony swet icy sludge that was the best part of the deal?  Bimbimbap has a layer of crispy cooked rice on the bottom that brings this Luigi’s memory back, and the the first thing I do is dive to the bottom before I get too full to find it. T Dogerosa has advanced me to near snobbery by advising that cast iron pans are authentic to producing the classic Bimbimpa rice. Rock your cast iron on, street people. Rating: the hightest, 4 paws.

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